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Peridot Robes

Holiday Robes, Part 3! ($10 to reserve)

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Kushes and Cuddle Hoodies might be coming back for another round!   We sold out in minutes after the first launch, we had hundreds of robes sold in the second launch, and we know that means SO many people still want robes!   We have the fabric and patterns ready for a THIRD production, all we need is to know what robes you want us to make!

We’re going to keep it simple…. Kushes and Hoodies.  A couple colors.   Please put in the notes what size you’d like and IF WE GET ENOUGH INTEREST, they will be shipping out AFTER Christmas.    Probably very early January!  

The Kushes will have six inches added to the hem for this production, we did them shorter originally but this way taller people will have a long cozy option too!  If you’d prefer the shorter hem, there’s a couple left in inventory over on “Holiday Kushes”.   The hoodies are staying as-is!

The fabric is a luxuriously plush, silky, fluffy, cozy cotton modal blend...and it's going to make the softest, stretchiest, most wonderful winter robe you've ever worn!

Reserve for now!  Fully refundable if we decide not to make a third round.   Second payment of $190 plus shipping is due when the third batch is confirmed.  Thank you so much for supporting our Peridot dream!