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Peridot Robes

Peach Deluxe

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Peridot began with the Peach robe and we fell in love with it all over again in this new style!   It’s long and elegant while still being practical for daily wear.    The sleeves are a modified kimono-style for a beautiful drape and flow and trimmed with the softest black cotton modal.   We used that same modal in the extra wide belt and to line the entire robe, so the gorgeous curves of your Peach catch the eye and frame your shape.   It floats behind you as you move and let me tell you, the view from the BACK is maybe the most stunning feature!  We used a princess seam to hug your ass and give this a va-va-voom silhouette!

We have two options in the Peach Deluxe…. Our best selling charcoal terry, seen in the famous Charcoal Kush and our recent INSTANTLY sold out charcoal jumpsuit.  Everyone loves this fabric because it’s thicker than most jerseys but it’s got glorious stretch to it and it’s so so comfy to wear, it breathes and washes so easily!  Revisit your favorite charcoal Kush robe or discover why it’s still so loved among our Peridot babes!

The second choice is truly a masterpiece!    It’s rare for me to find a floral I really love in colors I crave… to find a floral that puts hearts in my eyes AND it’s been printed on a gorgeous cotton and bamboo blended fabric?  I have NEVER found a fabric like this in the years I’ve been searching through remnants!   It was more expensive than anything we’ve ever bought by the yard… but the moment I touched it, I knew it was worth it and you will too!   Wash it gently and hang to dry and it will last you a lifetime!   This fabric is light and luxurious, it’s perfect for year round wear, please do not save this robe for special occasions, this Peach deserves to be loved every day!