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Peridot Robes

Crushed Velvet Peach Robe

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Our sold-out Peach design is back in this new super lightweight stretchy velvet!    We modified the original Peach to be a shorter in the hem so it’s more inclusive for petite plus babes and less fabric to haul around for the rest of us.   This velvet was such a find, we’ve never seen anything like it!    It’s perfect for all weather, lots of stretch and not heavy at all…. It’s made to sway with your hips and catch all the eyes around you while also somehow being the most comfortable thing you’ve ever owned?   This robe brings instant joy and a WOW the moment you touch it!   We made the 3/4 sleeves a little wider for a more casual look and the front hem is curved beautifully for a flow as you walk and a peek of leg as you recline while still giving you the full coverage we’ve become (moderately) famous for!   Stash it in a suitcase for your travels, it weighs practically nothing and it’s designed to be wrinkled so no need to fold it neatly!    Throw it in one of our Big Ass Bags and head straight to the beach for the day or wrap it around yourself later that night for the next best thing to naked!   

Stay true to your usual Peridot sizing, it’s great for all heights and proportions!    Please never size up, we know what we’re doing with our fit and we’re designed FOR you.   In over a thousand robes sold now, we’ve only had two returned for being too small!   You can trust that we know how to handle every beautiful inch of you!