Here's some of our most commonly asked questions!

-What size am I?  

Frequent question, a lot of different answers!  Email marina@peridotrobes.com and I'll help you out!  Send a full body pic with your height, send your measurements, or just tell us what size your favorite outfit is!


-Why is international shipping so expensive?

It's the shipping price, not ours!   COVID and closed borders are making international shipping a nightmare.  It costs a lot, there's nothing we can do about it unfortunately.   The good news is we do priority shipping so it does get there pretty fast!


-Are you ever going to make anything besides robes?

Absolutely!  We have our first non-robe item coming in the Holiday 2021 release!


Ethical!  Sustainable!   Those are pretty vague terms, right?

Yes!  For us, we use fabric remnants for all of our robes... this means less shipping of fabrics, less waste, and the savings means we get BETTER fabrics for less $$$!   Wins all around!  

We also make all of our robes in Los Angeles in fair-wage sewing rooms.  We support small businesses everywhere we can from our labels to our designers, we always prioritize community and impact over profits. 


I want a robe for my dog.  Can you make me one?



I really want a Peridot Robe but I don't have it in my budget for a $190 robe.  Can I have one anyways?

If you’re infinifat, BIPOC, disabled, or really just going through a rough time, email Marina@peridotrobes.com and if we have one laying around, we'd be happy to send it to you.  These robes are limited to people of marginalized sizes, please reserve these complimentary robes for people who are a size 4 or larger.   All fat babes are worthy of love and comfort… we prioritize members of our community who don’t have any other options available to them.   ♥️