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Peridot Robes

NEW Big Ass Bag

NEW Big Ass Bag

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I’ve dreamt of this bag for a LONG time.    A HUGE tote bag, big enough to fit anything and everything no matter what my day looks like… With extra long handles that I can put on my shoulder without feeling squeezed.  Carrying a bunch of smaller totes isn't easy, it's been so nice carrying just this one big beauty around!

 There's 3 snaps across top so you can make it bigger or smaller as you wish (nothing is going to fly out on ya!)) and the super soft 100% cotton handles will definitely *actually* fit on your arm.  It's made from this really nice coated denim, it’s tough to last but not heavy or stiff.   Take it to work, the beach, away for the weekend…fill it with books or groceries or laundry or  whatever’s clever.    And it weighs less than a pound empty and folds down pretty small, it’s only Big when you want it to be!    We hope you love it like we love it!   ♥️ 

weight: 14oz

Dimensions: the handles are 34 inches each..the top with
the snaps undone is 40 inches across, with the snaps it's 28 inches across.   14 inches deep but the base is 24 inches by  14 inches across so effectively, the depth is more like 22 inches.

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