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Peridot Robes

Cuddle Hoodie

Cuddle Hoodie

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When the weather outside is frightful, nothing is more delightful than coming home to a classic Hoodie robe from Peridot!   This is an everyday masterpiece with long sleeves just like your favorite sweatshirt, a long hem, and deep pockets on the hips.   Our Hoodie this year features a cotton blend terry with towel loops on the inside…. Perfect for after the shower or when you’re getting out of the hot tub!  This fabric is so soft inside but it’s not so heavy that you’ll only wear it in winter.  Cotton breathes beautifully so it’s a great robe all year round!   We went back to basics with this one but it wears beautifully, a fantastic addition to your Peridot collection or as your very first piece!  

We also found some great Tie Dye fleece in indigo and it was too soft and comfy to pass by, we had to get it and we love it as the cuddliest cuddle hoodie!  

handmade with lots of love in Los Angeles, these are cut and sewn to order and will be delivered before Xmas… but we’re expecting to ship out within 3 weeks.   Thank you so much for supporting our Peridot dreams!

*our cotton terry is a blend and like all blended cottons, it is subject to a normal amount of “pilling” in the first few washes and wears.  This is part of the natural lifecycle of blended fabrics and does not speak to the quality or function of the robe.  Look at all the very loved vintage sweatshirts in the world with a little pilling, this is the price we pay for natural fibers that last forever!*




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