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Peridot Robes

The Holiday Cuddle Hoodie

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The Cuddle hoodies came out in January of last year so this is their very first time as a true Holiday robe!   And who wouldn’t want to unwrap one of these thick beautiful robes on Christmas morning?   Our plush and fluffy cotton modal fabric was dyed just for us in midnight blue and emerald green!   An oversized hood makes it great for after the shower….the extra long sleeves and hem cover you from head to toe!     This is going to keep you warm and comfy and so so  happy all winter long!    We have deep pockets low on the hips and a belt that’s extra wide.  And it’s totally gender whatever, anyone can wear this robe just like any hoodie!   This is a robe to get lost in, to sleep in, to hide from the world in or to throw on to walk the dog!   I call it my emotional support robe because it’s always the one I put on when I need an all-day hug.    

Sizing is meant to be generous on these, please size down if you’re particularly petite!  The fabric has plenty of stretch and I promise you’ll be covered!

CUDDLE HOODIES will be shipping out in about 2 weeks, they’re almost done being sewn now!