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Peridot Robes

The Humpsuit!

The Humpsuit!

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THE HUMPSUITS WILL BE IN TRANSIT FROM LA TO CHICAGO BETWEEN 7/15 & 7/25.   As soon as they arrive here safely we’ll be sending out any orders that come in during that time!   Thank you for your patience!

Once upon a time I found a jumpsuit that I loved so much that I bought 14 of them…. The fabric was awful and there were a few things I would have changed but I loved the look and the fit.    Our Jumpsuit is a FAR improved version of that piece, incredibly versatile and ready to be your favorite Peridot gem yet!    Featuring 3/4 sleeves, deep pockets on the hips, a faux wrap top and pleated below the waist… it has a built-in elastic belt to keep you looking polished while still being as comfy as any of our robes!    The fabrics are stretchy, soft heaven.   The Tie Dye is a super lightweight rayon bamboo blend that’s stretchy and soft with a buttery feel, you’ll want to wear it all summer long!   And our solid colors are an ultra premium bamboo and cotton blend, a sustainable fabric perfect for our natural fiber loving babes!   In grass green, grape purple, and always elegant black!  This fabric has a gorgeous luxurious drape to it and it’s just slightly thicker than most jersey fabrics you’re used to.    It’s designed to be dressed up or down, classy enough for a business meeting but comfy enough to be pajamas!   It breathes beautifully and it’s the BEST piece for travel, it doesn’t really hold wrinkles too much and it’s easy to pack. You’ll never want to be in an airport without it!    

This jumpsuit is true to size but fitted and has plenty of stretch.  If you’re petite, feel free to size down!   If you want a more loungey fit and you’re between sizes, you can totally size up too!   Our cut is designed to accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  You’re going to LOVE it!

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