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Peridot Robes

Complimentary Peridot Incense

Complimentary Peridot Incense

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Peridot offers our custom incense as a free gift with all orders!   We have two scents we’ve created in collaboration with Symbolry (to be honest, they did most of the work!) who makes every stick by hand in the beautiful East Bay Area in California!  

Our original scent is Peridot, a cedar-lavender blend that isn’t too woodsy or floral, it’s brought to life with a subtle bouquet of botanicals that will put you deep in the mood to relax with your new Peridot robe or lounger!  If your bundle is black with gold stars on it, that’s Peridot.

Balance is our new scent that brings bergamot and musk together for a sensual heavy citrus that feels thoughtful and meditative but also like… pretty fucking sexy.   Chris at Symbolry understood exactly what I was describing and hit it perfectly the very first batch!   If your bundle is black with gold dots on it, that’s Balance!

If you would like to opt-out of our complimentary incense, please change the quantity to ZERO in your cart and we’ll give you an alternate non-scented gift whenever possible.   

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