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Peridot Robes

The Sweatah

The Sweatah

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A classic, well-fitted, light but cozy sweater has somehow been one of the hardest items to find.   So Peridot put our magic touch on them and they’re just right!   Perfect for layering or wearing alone, they’re longer than our crop sweaters and meant to come to your hips.   It feels so much like cashmere but somehow even softer!   The length is great for wearing with pants (our slackers especially!) or skirts for an elegant silhouette that doesn’t hide your shape!   And the colors are exactly right for fall and winter.    This fabric is called a “skinny fleece”, it’s cozy and a little fluffy like fleece without being heavy or thick.   It breathes nicely and won’t overheat you under a jacket or coat! 

The sizing on these is super flexible!  They’re true to size but feel free to bump up or down if you want it more or less fitted!

 100% polyester from remnant fabrics, these are lovingly made by hand in our fair-wage sewing room.    They are ready to be sent out next week!   Thank you for supporting our Peridot dreams!

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