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Peridot Robes

THICK Hoodie

THICK Hoodie

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Temperatures are dropping and you need a THICK sweater to keep you cozy! This is plushest, warmest, heaviest piece we’ve ever made… it’s a perfect creamy off-white hoodie that’s just like wearing a robe when you can’t wear a robe! 100% cotton terry towel with the nubby loops on the outside for a luxurious cozy texture, it’s easy to wash and get stains out of! You can even easily dye it at home if you want to customize the color! Extra long sleeves and a generous fit, these are made true to size with a slightly sloppy loungey fit so please use caution when sizing up. This fabric has lots of stretch! Only 60 of these are being made and they’re sure to sell out today, grab yours now!

These are in inventory NOW and ready to ship to you immediately!

Handmade with love in our fair-waged, femme-owned sewing room in Los Angeles with sustainably-sourced remnant fabric from Ragfinders of California. Your investment in our Peridot dream goes towards supporting small local businesses every step of the way! We thank you so much for supporting us by sharing your love of Peridot with your family and friends!
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